Hi friend!!


I have northern roots (Indiana), but I married a southern gentleman, and that has landed me in the great state (or country depending on who you are talking to) of Texas. I currently live and serve in the Houston area!

Though I haven't totally traded my Converse for my boots (yet), I have a serious love for all things southern-particularly the golden Texas sky, wildflowers, and Bluebell.

Capturing your love and your laughter, authentically, is my top priority.  

So you want to know what I love and what makes me laugh?


LAUGH: Adventures.

Okay okay, so adventures aren't what makes me TOTALLY belly laugh. My husband tripping up the stairs is what does it. I think that call that Schadenfreude- when you laugh at someone's pain? I'm not totally sure, but I'm sure Ethan doesn't appreciate my giggle fits when he stubs his toe. 


BUT adventures do make me laugh too! Mostly because I feel free, and grateful, and just so happy to see new things!


LOVEThese Two.

I'm a wife to my husband, Ethan & I'm a Mama to my son, Crew. 

Ethan and I met at a concert! At first it was his blue eyes that got me, then it was his confidence, but I was done for when he grabbed my hand and taught me how to two-step. 

Crew came into our lives October 2021. He has Ethan's blue eyes, the silliest cheeky-smile, and the best laugh. He loves his dogs, the outdoors, and snacks. 

With these two, my heart and life is so full. 



My heart belongs to Educators, First Responders, and Veterans. My husband is a Marine and Firefighter, and I was a High School English Teacher for 8 years before pursuing photography full time. If you are one of those special people, be sure to ask me about your MUCH DESERVED discount. 

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Does it sound like we could be friends?