Logan + Shelby | A Glass House Engagement

I had the privilege of capturing Logan and Shelby's engagement at The Oak Atelier in Conroe, TX. What started out as just a fun photography idea, developed into the sweetest proposal I have seen in a long time.

My friend Simone, owner of Elle Belle Photography and I met with Logan's sister, Britain, and the plan unfolded. Logan and Shelby were to show up to The Oak Atelier to get photos done for their new house (gifted by Britain). Meanwhile, we hid their family and friends behind a building that was located on the property. We had to be sneaky about their placement because the glass house, called The Willow, was located behind the building they were hiding. Simone and I played it off like we just wanted to capture some pictures with The Willow behind them before we actually went inside. I declared loudly (and obnoxiously) that the sun was in the PERFECT LOCATION for pictures, and the family was cued to move to the other side of the building.

Once we made our way to The Willow, we snapped more pictures (that I really do hope they hang in their home because they are CUTE), and waited for the clock to strike 5:30. Once it did, Logan retrieved the ring, made his way to Shelby, and popped the question.


They then celebrated with friends and family, popped some champagne, and showed off that beautiful ring!

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